We are a design studio which thinks and executes digital projects.

We have already helped many brands and partners to boost the most diverse projects

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We are used to the challenges of the digital market.

Digital projets

Agencies and consultancy

We achieved 10 years of history in 2022!

We have been living intensily the design.

Our studies, events, books, social medias, series, podcasts, papers / articles, bar talks ... we turn doing desing into being design.

Delivering intelligence through design is what moves us!

We look at our journey with a twinkle in our eyes and a lot of enthusiasm, certain that it is just the beginning.

Check out about our 10 years.

We set up the ideal partnership for your project.

Wether it's a short or long job, simple or complex as well. We focus on the result with agility and flexibility.


Is the project indefinite or variable in scope? This model makes the exclusive professional available during the contracted period.

Scope Closed

Do you already know what and when it needs to be done? This model has a specific deliverable and pre-established deadline.

Get to know our specialties.

Through our technical knowledge and problem-solving skills, we jointly develop the best solution for your project.

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Design System

We consider the Design System as a living product, which is always undergoing improvements to increasingly meet all the necessary fronts for your products to scale consistently. Through collaborative processes and a specialized technical team, we map the initial needs to measure the starting point needed to design, document and insert the Design System into your team's daily practice. Thus, we guarantee a cleaner and more standardized product construction process, with clear processes and consistent experiences in all existing flows.

We think and execute projects of all sizes.

We work to support the measurement, organization, and production of design at all scales, from complete strategy to "just a hand" in a flow.

Tools that projects need

Our team is flexible, we are experienced in using the tools you think are ideal for your business.

Methodologies to create and manage

Agile or waterfall management, through design thinking, design sprint or others. We easily adapt to any workflow.

Execution of end-to-end solutions

Specialized team, from research to development. We meet your demand and produce your complete solution from beginning to end.


Direct contact with Garupa's team and leadership to optimize and streamline processes.

Internal qualitycontrol.

Design Leads always supervising the production and progress of projects.

We created a methodology custom work.

Experiencein measuring.

Practice in assessing project complexity and task effort.


We take an active part in your daily life and do not limit ourselves to design alone.

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Together we go

Each person who passes through here is part of our history, shapes Garupa with us, designing it to live real experiences. Become a Garuper as well!

Work with us
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