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Digital transformation is driving the world. Realities emerge between the virtual and real worlds.

Experience design is the call to the forefront of change. The main instrument of transition. Not the only one, nor the last. Therefore, our vocation is to be the means, not the end. The means to live, to dream, to design, but, above all, to be design.

We started independent, without a group or big names behind us. In all phases we seek support in the previous well done job. This is what guides us until today.
It is what dictates the rhythm of our journey.

Immersed in the fullness of the mantra "I take care of you, you take care of me", we care about people. We believe in those who walk together with us.

The competition becomes fierce, but only with our previous version. Winning becomes a behavior. Success comes with the certainty that it is plural and collective. In the end, it is possible to have balance between purpose and result.

We are a company that is aware of its trajectory and that truly impacts its partners. We strive to be better at every project, every conversation, at every corner.

May we continue to evolve, learning from mistakes and celebrating small victories, because we know that the ideal, just like us, adapts to the context.

Yes, we are a successful company, because to be successful is to hear that, in the end, we are a safe environment. It is knowing that we have a direct impact on people's lives, providing life experiences and allowing the pursuit of each person's individual desires. It is being the basis for dreams, and at the same time a springboard for new ones. It is being big in front of our partners and clients.

We are made of dreams. And dreams change as life progresses. So Garupa will also change, following the universe of transformations. For another 10, 20 or 50 years. If experience design is the vanguard of this transformation, we are happy to say that we have always been and will always be there, side by side with our partners, making the digital transformation happen. After all, why go alone if we can go together?